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A fairly new resident to Breighton, a de Havilland dH60 Gipsy Moth. It was interesting to watch the folded wings being opened out to prepare the aircraft for flight. 


Despite a partly cloudy day, it had been very warm, and the sun broke through in time for the evening hangar party.


While we didn't have the usual spectacular sun set, there were still some interesting cloud formations and lighting.


The hangar party had a live band as well as the clubs resident comedian doing some stand up and my daughter danced the night away for almost four and a half hours straight!


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Day two was unbearably hot, and other than a couple of trips along the flight line for pictures, I spent most of the day in hangar 2 where there was some solid shade. There were several Austers that flew in to the event and with those resident at the airfield, they numbered around eight. The good weather allowed plenty of flying on both days. Not having a tent or Jeep, we were able to make a quick getaway at 5pm. There's a classic car meet there in September, so I may take the Jeep down for that instead.

Some of the Austers.


Jungmann, Cessna 120, Aeronca 100 ( G-AEVS ) and Luton Minor


Tipsy Junior, Westland Wasp helicopter, Piper PA22 Colt and Jodel.


Tipsy Nipper, racing car ( don't know the type ), Bucker Bestmann and Yak 55.


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Croft Nostalgia - August 3~5th

We had a busy weekend at Croft with both Jeeps. I'm about to start posting the full report in my GPW thread, but to keep the chronology of this thread correct, I'm adding one picture here; the 'RAF 100' display, of which my Jeeps were a part.


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