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GMC Jimmy Production Data

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Thanks go to Tootallmike for this information listed below


GMC build dates:


Series: Dates: Model: Chassis no.: Engine type:

I Oct ’40 – Feb ‘41 CCKWX 353 001 – 13187

Feb ’41 – June ‘41 CCKW 352/3 13188 – 41188 3063

II June ’41 – May ‘42 CCKW 352/3 41189 – 87613 3148 / 3168

III May ’42 – Mar ‘43 CCKW 352/3 87614 – 213651 3199

IV Mar ’43 – Feb ‘44 CCKW 352/3 213652 – 321077 3230

V Feb ’44 – Nov ‘44 CCKW 352/3 321078 – 394576 3431

VI Nov ’44 – May ‘45 CCKW 352/3 394577 – 538372 3731

May ’45 – final CCKW 352/3 538373 - 562750


nb. these are build dates, not delivery dates.



Vehicle designation codes:

A - 1939

B - 1940

C - 1941

D - 1942

(design year)


C - standard (normal control) cab

F - forward (cab over engine) cab

U - amphibian


K - Front wheel drive


W - Rear wheel drive


X - special extra-lwb chassis


352 - swb (dual spare wheels & fuel tank behind cab)

353 - lwb (single spare & fuel tank under body)

A - cargo body w/o winch

B - cargo body w/winch

C - stake wagon

D - fuel tanker w/o winch

E - fuel tanker w/winch

F - van body

G - water tanker w/o winch

H - dump body w/winch

L – dump body w/o winch

1 - split axles

2 - banjo axles


Chassis number format is e.g. "CCKW 353 30338 A1"; to be found stamped on chassis above front right road spring.



Cab codes:

1574 – closed cab – 41188 built

1608 - closed cab – 154791 built

1619 - open cab – 366771 built



1940 - 1945 GMC CCKW 352/353; Becker & Dentzer; (publication info not given)

The GMC 6x6 and DUKW A Universal Truck; Boniface & Jeudy; Haynes 1990


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Very interesting, Tootallmike, so as my CCKW352-B1 falls in between chassis numbers 13188 to 41188 I can assume that my truck was built between Feb 41 and June 41 ???


:-D :-D mine is an early truck...... :-D :-D

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I have tried looking for my chassis number, but it's not there!!

I have bared the metal around the front off side spring on my 353 and found nothing.

Strange, though, when I was stripping the paint off, there was a paint run that went upwards, yes upwards!


Is there any other way of ID-ing the Jimmy?


Cheers, Ash.

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Found my serial number just in front (to the right) of the shock absorber assembly (pic below).

My friends 353 (same contract but Jan 43 production) has the serial number to the left of the shock mount. His is CCKW 353 I79xxxA2 (note the use of I instead of 1 - similar to what has been found on jeeps) but my serial number has the number 1 (as per the picture).

Both have Circle/164 to indicate the 353 chassis, but mine has an additional S/Circle before the serial number - no idea what this relates to, or even if it's factory applied.



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Just to say that on my truck, a CCKWX, the chassis number is just 4 numbers (it was manufactured in late December 1940), without a prefix or suffix. This is on the right hand front chassis rail as usual, but is also on the left hand rail with the numbers upside down. It would seem that the need for extra nomenclature i.e. CCKW, 353, B1 etc was only introduced after the first production runs.

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