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Best value MV insurance??

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Its insurance renewal time again.  I am with Footman James at present, but I wonder if anyone has any recommends for good value insurance (not necessarily the cheapest - accounting for good service as well!).


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I youse RH for my insurance ,I have 4 motor  with them been pleased with there service and prices 

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Dear All,

Bearing in mind that the premiums are so affordable, what matters to me is the knowledge of the staff at the broker and the underwriter.  I don't think my current broker understands the difference in the risk factors between an Austin Seven and a Mk II Antar!  I spend more on batteries than insurance.  Go for quality!

I suspect that the insurers whilst chasing our business with a low claims rate, are getting stung by covering vehicles or drivers that they ought to avoid.  I never get asked:

How long have you been doing classic military vehicles?

What experience have you and your team got?

How long have you had the vehicle?

How did you acquire it?

What facilities have you got?

Did you restore it yourself (in which case it will be a treasured possession)?

What shows do you take it to?


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