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Thank you - she is finished

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Jeeps are never finished but apart from a few cosmetic things this one is! After five years she had her first extended run. Made from five jeeps (all GPW) she had to have a new tub but that reflects the rough time her parent jeeps had. Her DOD is 1/7/42. She served with the British Army and was rebuilt at the end of the war. She is painted as she would have done in 1946 as if she were attached to the 2bn Royal West Kent Regiment, attached to the 17th Brigade, 5th Infantry Division, British Army of Occupation (BAOR).  Data plates - GPW 44607 - 1 July 1942
Body - ACM type 1 209337 - used on about MB 286xxx to 287xxx or GPW 164xxx to 165xxx -early Dec 1943 (now a new body)
Frame horn stamping - 206596 - MB about 25/1/1943 or GPW mid June 1944
Tag on top of rails frame 1595360 - 1945/6 British Army rebuild
Engine - 15669 - 1980
Shovel - B-150925 - Stuart Tank
Jerry can - 1986

Thanks for all the advice and help to get us here. Graham and Charlie. 






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Well done , looks great and as already said it’s great to see a differently painted and marked jeep 👍

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Posted (edited)

Yep, really nice and, as Ferg and Terry said, good to see one in post-war British colours.

10 68

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