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Wanted- dashboard gauge spacers x 2 and screw bolts

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long story short, I boiled and cooked my truck last weekend but no damage done.

I’m now fitting a water temp gauge but need some spacers to go between the rear dash plate and dash cover plate.

Im also after a couple of screw bolts (to keep it original).

The spacers needed are 12mm in length, 11mm (not important) in diameter and the originals have a 5.5mm hole. X2

The screw bolts will need to be at least 15mm to cover the spacer and two 1mm thick panels.

Ive looked online but I’m getting frustrated trying to get the right bits.

Naturally, I will pay the going rate and postage just to get it sorted.

Any help would be appreciated.




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Agree with Matchfuzee.  Looks like 2BA or 3/16" BSF both are available on Ebay in various lengths

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Thank you very much for your replies.

just ordered 2 x 3/16 bsf 3/4” bolts and standoff collars (only just realised their name).

much appreciated.

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