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Some fun tonight! Rolls b80 dynamo inside.

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Plunged head first into the charging system on my Nubian tonight! 

If anyone has any info and or wiring diagrams it would be really appreciated! 

Getting no charge at all from the dynamo, it appears that someone has been having a go at getting it working before and the wiring was all over the place so we decided to remove it all and bench test it. 





would you say these brushes have had it? I’m very new to all this military stuff so I’m not sure how it should all look. 



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Looks like you have Generator No.1 which is rated at 12A 28.5v there were two types of Generator Panel looks like you have No.1 Mk 1 a later rather different panel was No.1 Mk 2/1.

Both of these panels are  very hard to find, but the good news is that I have seen people fit the Generator Panel No.2 Mk 1 which is the 25A panel intended for the Generator No.2

Unlike the Generator No.2 which has a gearbox, the No.1 can be tested by running it as a DC motor. Via say 15A fuse energise the field winding (C & E) & via another fuse energise the output winding (A & B) & the dynamo should rotate as a motor would.



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36 minutes ago, fv1609 said:

Was that any help?

Hello! Sorry I didn’t see your reply, yes it was! I managed to trace the problem down to the regulator box! One of the coils inside are fried, probably from the way it was wired previously 😫

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5 minutes ago, David Herbert said:

I would say that those brushes have plenty of life in them.


That’s what I thought! The dynamo puts out prefect voltage to it’s the reg that’s gone down! Not sure how to move forward now, maybe some more investigation and see if it can be repaired.  

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