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Aly Croft

Flying Flea Wanted

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Hi All, thank you for accepting me on this forum.

I, like most watched the Guy Martin D-Day program. Fantastic wasn't it!!

A feature of this program struck a chord with me which was the Flying Flea. Im an ex bike racer who now spends his spare time restoring motorbikes. My Grandad was a Glider Pilot in the Paras in the War and I remember all the stories and pictures he used to show me. I have all his flight log book, beret,  medals etc.  Anyway, my garage isn't big enough to build a Glider so I would like a Flying Flea as a loose tribute to my Grandad.


Can anyone on here help me source, locate, sell me a completed WD bike, part project, spare parts??? Ive already been on facebook and ebay and bought up everything i can get me hands on but i'm still miles away.

Im having a great time reading everyone's threads and drawing on their knowledge and I will also enjoy building a civil/replica but ideally I would like a genuine one (with bird cage- long shot).


Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers



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