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Marconi Sabre Development radar station

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I was given a complete trailer mounted radar station by BAE (formerly Marconi) in Chelmsford. It consists of a 20x20 waveguide antenna, roof mounted, a 6' high 19" cabinet full of cards, a microwave transmitter unit, lots of power supplies, panels,  cables, 2 computers (old 286?) with various software and years of hand-written notes on the development and test results. Was used up to the early 90's. Trailer was WW2 but now scrapped.

I have to find a home for it all or the lot will end up going for scrap( at least 200kg aluminium !)











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RAF museum weren't interested, they do don't have space or facilities to restore.

Trailer was an A.A. No3 Mk2 or GL3, I have a complete one from 1943 nearing restoration completion, mechanically and electronically.


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I've just come back from RAF Cosford, The Radio room Next to Museum is Run by the Founder of VMARS, he may know of someone. 

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