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Triumph TRW ignition problem, help needed please

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I have just sold my 1964 trw, it was very original and ran like a clock, ammeter showed a good charge , the new owner bought it without seeing it and trusted my description, he was pleased with it upon receipt, saying it started and ran well.

however the 2nd day he tried to start it, it would only start on EMG, and ran lumpy, (which I know is normal thing for engines while on EMG), 

we have established that the battery is good, and power is coming out as lights etc work, 

Can anyone offer any help please,  although I sold it as is, I feel really sorry for him,  this bike had been one of the most reliable bikes I have ever owned,

I suspect a failed rectifier, but as the bike is so far away I can not do any checks, and looking for info to assist him

many thanks



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it's always hard to help at a distance but Can I suggest starting with the basics and refreshing the fuel .. I would start with high octane ..if the bike has been transported its not unlikely that the tank has been shaken  and possibly silt and dirt disturbed . I would start by draining the tank ..checking the fuel lines are clean . Removing and cleaning the plugs and then putting in fresh high octane fuel and giving it a try....



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