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Flying Flea Drop cage

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21 hours ago, Ron said:

I'm not so sure Duke? I'm often amazed at the quality and engineering that went into a piece of equipment which maybe only had a life expectancy of a short period.

If something was designed and ordered to be produced, I don't think there would have been any instructions to make it shoddy. 

I've still yet to see an original drop cage but I bet the welds are neat 🙂 


Ron, When I mention quality ......I was meaning more about the overall finish, as it was designed to take the shock and impact and not transmit it to the contents, the quality control would of been more in line about load testing etc rather than welds all ground nice and flush. 

I would say a good comparison is the Sten Gun, not the nicest of finishes but did its job very well....... 


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Hi All

I am new to this forum and have joined to build my knowledge on flying fleas as ive just started my own project. 


Congratulations to you all for your research and input. very much enjoyed reading your conversations and pictures

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Welcome Aly. Good luck with your project and post some pictures if you can. 

Regards Ron






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