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Diana and Jackie

Lucas lamp Base 576207

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8  as new off Lucas Lamp Bases as fitted to Landrovers with a metal based glass lens.

These are the light rings holding the lens of the side/indicator/stop &tail lenses fitted to LANDROVER with the metal screw in lens. They will not fit the glass lens found on Ferret and CVRT or some other vehicles.

£50 plus postage for the 8

Please send me a private message - NOTE these do NOT fit the all glass lenses fitted to Ferret/CVRT and some other vehicles.



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Hi Diana,

I’m surprised they don’t fit the glass lenses, I’ve used glass lenses on a Land Rover before when someone stole the plastic ones over night at Beltring.


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It is a known problem ,  these tight backing rims have been readily available for a good while now.  At first blush - the quality and finish does seem genuine Lucas.  They could be a Chinese copy ?    I may get around to screwcutting a plug to make into a expanding tool.   Some people make a few splits with a junior hacksaw blade.


Probably  Lucas  TVS    (India)

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