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Stellar/Meta Filter Size – Help please

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I have decide to make the filters for my MWC, but I am struggling to find the actual size of them

From a dimensioned drawing of a Metafilter Type 2 , the top flange diameter is 8” and the main body of the filter is 6” diameter.

But from a measurement a friend of mine made some time ago, the top flange appears to be 7” and using similar scaling, the main body of the filter is 5” diameter.

As far as I am aware, the Meta and Stellar filters are identical in size, with some minor variation on how the filter powder is poured in (either by a right angled or straight angled entrance).

Were there actually two sizes made ?

Any dimensions that anyone has would be much appreciated





Cheers Richard

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Really interested in this post as I will have to make Metafilters for a 180 Gallon Water Bowser Trailer restoration.

I also have a copy of the Metafilter Type 2 booklet which I am going to use as the plans/pattern.



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I will also follow this post with great interest, same as Alan I am also planning to make a couple of filters for my 180 gallon water bowser project. There seemed to be few attempts by various people to replicate this but I have never seen any output.

Richard are you also plannig to make the cast iron plate with Stellar company logo etc? This would be worth making in more examples as I am sure there would be many people interested. That would require borrowing the original filter from someone though.


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My intention is make a couple for myself and I will post a full set of engineering drawings so that they can be made by others. I also hope to produce the data plates, probably cast in brass. That is why any input from people who have the filters would be most welcome.



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