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Help required no lorries ...sorry

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I need some help to get a better quality copy of the original WW1  image as I need it as part of a display as the organisers of the charities want to reproduce it life size as a wall banner to go along with the photos of the soldiers I installed .The second photo recently taken is what I created modeled on the original photo .I think the original if I am correct was British soldiers at the Somme .I am about to take the soldiers down after Remembrance Sunday and they will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to local charities including the British Legion .I know I have posted this clip on here before so excuse me but this will show you the impact it has as you come onto Mersea across its tidal road.



East Mersea WW1 soldiers.jpg

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The IWM list this image as taken by an Australian photographer, so your best bet will be the Australian War Memorial:



You may also like this picture, which is from the British official collection


Edit: Err, maybe not the last as it shows POWs.  Could also ask the IWM about the first picture to see if they can help.  I suspect at a cost though.


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Ahh thanks for that ,spot on .I've forwarded on the link to the creative team who are advertising the auction etc and will post a pic of the finished item

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