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Triumph 3 hw

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Salve, sto iniziando un restauro di una Triumph 3 hw anni 40, avrei bisogno di materiale usato sia di motore che di ciclistica. Chi potrebbe aiutarmi con il materiale occorrente? 

mi servirebbe faro anteriore, portatarga e fanalino posteriore, frizione completa di campana, sella anteriore con molle e bullonerie, carburatore amal. Grazie in anticipo a chi potrà aiutarmi. Mio numero 0039 338 2860617 Massimo Giannotti Italia. 


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Massimo It would help if you pass it through Google translate into English first.  Ron

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here`s a straight translation...…….

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Posted Sunday at 04:58 PM 
Hi, I'm starting a restoration of a 40-year-old Triumph 3 hw, I would need both engine and cycling used material. Who could help me with the necessary material?  
I would need a front headlight, atarga and rear taillight, full bell clutch, front saddle with springs and bolts, amal carburetor. Thank you in advance to those who can help me. My number 0039 338 2860617 Massimo Giannotti Italy

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