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GMC needs helps to identify

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Hi All, 

Let me present you some pictures of a GMC car that our association recently acquired in France. (See my presentation topic on this forum I sent yesterday)

It appears that this car have been modify during the past but below layers of painting, we can see Olive-drab paint. We are thinking that it was an ambulance, but before starting the restore, and remove the back of the vehicle and the cab, we would like to be sure ! We 'll take our time. 

Do you know where the chassis number was engraved on GMC WW1 vehicles ?Does anyone helps us to identify this car ? I'll be at the garage during this weekend, so I'll be able to take more pictures. 

Thanks in advance for your help ! Kind regards, Nicolas. 









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Hi Nicolas


It looks very much like a GMC 16AA ambulance although some were also used as workshop trucks. Here are a few photographs to keep you busy.



GMC 1916 16-AA Ambulance DS 3.jpg

GMC 1916 16-AA Ambulance DS 4.jpg


IMG_1142 (1).JPG







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11 minutes ago, Great War truck said:

I think I have the chassis numbers. I will look them out for you.



Hi Tim, 

We didn't find yet the chassis number on this GMC... 

Thanks a lot for your pictures and for your time !

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Well it des look very much like a 3/4 ton Model 16AA but GMC were making a lot of very similar trucks at that time. The chassis number should be on the "left hand front spring horn" but also on a metal plate on the dash board - but this no doubt was lost when the dash board was removed and replaced with something else. It may well be that the military GMC's did not have the number on the spring horn. Good luck in your search. It should be a 6 digit number starting with 16. The engine number should be on a tag on the left hand side of the crank case (the engine should be made by Continental) with a 22.5 HP rating. I dont have a list of the engine numbers but it might be the same as the chassis which we can date and also confirm which model. 

At the end of the war the US Army removed many of the GMC wooden body and burned them. I think they were made of a soft wood and had suffered in the weather. The chassis were sold to the French Army who then sold them at auction to the public. It does seem likely that the purchasers would have stuck a new body and scuttle on them then. 

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Thanks a lot for your help ! 

We didn't find anything on the spring horn , on both sides.

But if you said that motor number can be the same than chassis one, here it is : 53128N3 3/4

I hope we'll find something ! Thanks again ! 





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That is interesting Wally. How many pages does it have?

disappointing about the chassis number. It is possible that as a US army one the chassis number was only shown on the bulk head data plate.  The 3 3/4 is the bore size. 53128N does not match up with anything that I have.

Does the chassis look anything like this?


GMC chassis.jpg

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There are sixteen A4 pages  l had it given when l was looking at buying two of them but l was also after something british and which l have  bought this year after more than  nine years of trying

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That is interesting Wally. What have you bought then?

I had forgotten that you were interested in the big pile of GMC's that came back to the UK. They were bought by another forum member. I wonder how he is getting on with them? The GMC 16AA is a very handsome looking machine. I am rather fond of them.

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Good Afternoon everybody,

Some news about our GMC that is certainly a Model 16AA

- The structure of the "cab" is the original one : See at the top the rounded piece of metal that is present on the orginal GMC Model16.

- Then, good news while de-rusting the chassis we have found the chassis number it 's : 166248.

I'll be at the workshop of the association during the weekend, I'll post some pictures about the work already done on this car. (I'll also present you a Dodge light Truck screen side version, but i'll create a new topic for it!)

Regards, Nicolas. 



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