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Nick Johns

Churchill tank hull recovered from the South Downs, Sussex

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On 9/4/2019 at 5:11 PM, MatchFuzee said:

Interesting to see how many have survived in the UK, from range targets to restored:-


This entry caught my eye:

MkVII Bridgelayer

Recently unearthed south of Bordon Camp in Hampshire
In very poor condition but possibly to undergo a comestic restoration to provide a gate guardian.

Does anyone have any details on this? 

About 10 years ago whilst out mountain biking on the lands near Bordon I came across a small hole dug into the side of an earthen mound. In the hole was a large section of steel armour, possibly with a suspension mount, that featured the kind of hole only an anti-tank round can make when it does its job.

I had forgotten all about that until reading the above...I must go back and investigate soon.




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I have no idea what may have been buried over the years in Bordon, but there were a lot of wrecks, both armoured and soft skin that were used for recovery training and other purposes which may well have been lost or deliberately covered over to save having to move them when no longer required.

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Agreed. Slab Common used to be (might still be...not been there for a while) full of hulks used to practice recovery I believe.

This hulk was not there, but in an unusual location one would not normally associate with armour in the modern times.

So I will take a trip over there sometime I think.

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