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DSCF7367.thumb.JPG.1012b24503d045414471b55fecbe4e68.JPGDSCF7373.thumb.JPG.b814680bc130f1010009fe4f121df04b.JPGDSCF7374.thumb.JPG.621e30c4d60e9031a19db594a3febebb.JPGDSCF7363.thumb.JPG.8152b11c7cdebffe01d480e05b483ca1.JPGDSCF7364.thumb.JPG.a5daa124516a22e799e157260b160e8d.JPGDSCF7375.thumb.JPG.6c5d8fa8c40a1c9c43e0c56373ea6ae8.JPGDSCF7376.thumb.JPG.d1a4ec21d0d4eaf843b8e049df9e6884.JPGDSCF7377.thumb.JPG.a75713bea1c094e2aaa14fd6355aad7b.JPGDSCF7378.thumb.JPG.a25a427000a33dc71826c29cf60d7396.JPG1727050629_DSCF7369(1).thumb.JPG.9baa705066084e930754779d93a7c203.JPG2099888030_DSCF7370(1).thumb.JPG.a1e499b1ddb94b3399b7787741bc2ef5.JPG2071760220_DSCF7372(1).thumb.JPG.633a0b22677937f08803761898720f34.JPGJust started the  replacement of the shoes on the transmission brake on the FOX POLECAT 

To replace them :-take out seat ,undo transmission plates / covers , remove cotter pin  and floor bracket on the forward reverse .. If a handbrake is present  undo prop shaft nuts,  remove 15/16 nut on the hub brake band. remove hub/ brake drum , this may be difficult and a puller may be required once out remove brake bands and replace.  Sounds simple  but  7hrs  in a small space to remove is another matter and poor design  + small clips/nuts for the mechanic causes  longer time in a small space and for a 70 year old  the old joints are stiff. I will need to let sDSCF7366.thumb.JPG.ce24a4c084b6c8afa31fc9d5f0f702b4.JPGDSCF7366.thumb.JPG.ce24a4c084b6c8afa31fc9d5f0f702b4.JPG

With the poor design on removing the cotter it would not clear the front floor plate by 10mm so the front plate had to be disconnected to allow clearance.   The brake hub would not clear the propshaft so the rear panel  also needed to be removed to allow clearance for the hub to  miss the propshaft  just a litle thought would save a lot of time

Looking at the brake failure I think the shoes have stuck on the drum and pulled the linings off. This vehicle has been stored for years in Museums and private collections and has only done 134 miles when I got it so it is almost new. but has had small issues to get it road legal     and an epic sarga for registration

A point when parking our vehicle over winter is to chock the wheels and leave the brakes off

Well tomorrow I will build the hand brake up  then complete the other side

Sorry that the pictures have not come out in order






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Quite honestly some of the Fox / Polecat design is a nightmare as you found out. Watch out for the fuel change over tap in the floor which if similar to our Fox was put on by someone who stripped the threads and then forced it into association.

Watching with interest


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Just  on the finish line  only the tin work and seat to go in . I am always amazed at how the  motor vehicle industry was in the 1950 to the 1980 there was a lack of good design. Having said that there was some brilliant  changes ;- Disc brakes ' independent suspension. engine and suspension subframes,  power brakes and even flasher  indicators, so thing have progressed. I started my motor apprenticeship in the early 1960  so have experienced lots of changes in the trade. I became a Lecture in motor vehicle and learned a great deal but as colleges did not allow us to keep up with advances in the trade my 5th year students were outstripping my Knowledge  so  I took early retirement and bought various military vehicles to have fun in bringing them back to life.

Actually doing the hand brake was fidelity but OK the hard part is getting to it









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