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I thought i was just losing my touch as i seem to be strugggling with my gear changing lately.

My Diamond T has the Rolls  C6 fitted, i think the clutch is ok, no nasty smells, still pulls like a train but the revs appear to be sticking

when i lift off for a gear change.

i know some Gardner engines need a little extra lubrication on the pump, is this the same on the lucas CAV pump on the T?

The linkage seems ok , all moving easily and i had the pump serviced about 8 years ago because it was dunping fuel from the overflow at tickover. They said the pump was in good nick. They  renewed the lift punp seals and all seemed ok.

The governor level is a bit low, if i top it up it chucks the 'new" oil out goes back to its low mark. Then seems quite happy.

Has anyone else had similar trouble?

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Take the fuel pump side off move the rack with the stop lever and watch the action, it should spring back. give a little extra lubrication with an squirty oil can or WD or equivilant. It only gets a bit of oil mist up there.

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