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WD Normandy Jerry Cans

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Recently brought back a few in varying degrees of state from the area surrounding an emergency forward refueling airbase.

I want to refurb these along with some ammo boxes.

Some cans have the remnants of Green/brown and some are/were definitely a Sand colour.

I'm assuming the cans are the same as the ammo boxes and a Service Brown, but what was the colour on the sand ones?
Am I right in saying that 43 cans may have been destined for Italy/Sicily and painted Sand, only to be diverted to NW Europe.
Seems odd to have Sand on OD vehicles, although I know the Germans painted a lot of kit there that colour.

So are the light ones BS361 and the dark ones BS499?



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Yes there were sand couloured jerry cans in Normandy. I was given two that had been liberated by a farmer's father in 1944 .

They were and always had been sand.

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