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FOR SALE, Books of a rather specialist nature

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HALF-SAFE, Hard back with nice dust wrapper 279 pages, Across the Atlantic by a Jeep. £30

BRITISH ARMOURED CARS SINCE 1945, Simon Dunstan. Soft back, 92 photo's from 3 to 2 per pages   latter days of the Dingo and Daimler then on to Ferret and Saladin. Ending with Fox and various small production runs. Good condition £6 

VANGUARD TO VICTORY. David Fletcher Soft back 86pages, 136 pictures and 11 vehicle stowage diagrams. Cover the development and use of 'Horbart's funnies' £20

OURS WAS NOT THE GLORY, Peter JOHNSTONE, Soft back, 199pages, 36 pictures. The author was a crewman in an M10 tank destroyer serving in Italy, with the British 93rd Anti-Tank Regiment £30.

CHURCHILL TANK, VEHICLE HISTORY AND SPECIFICATION. David Fletcher, Soft back, 140pp, many pictures and drawings. Based on the VII manual, with 1/35 scale drawings £25









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