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I have registered a few vehicle over the last 15 years but this one has been an annoying  sarga


I contacted DVLA to see what DOCUMENTS they required.

I sent ALL that they  stated including vehicle history and a letter from the tank museum stating its age

It was rejected on proof on AGE and they lost my bill of sale 


I rang the DVLA stating that the tank Museum was the authority on the vehicle and had a letter stating the age of the vehicle. They also wanted a letter from me to state its age so it was sent with all the documents It was rejected again on AGE and they now want a NOVA  and have changed  the hull No /chassis No to the army registration No.


Got the NOVA certificate and sent more information on the age 

it was rejected again  on AGE and required a club to verify its age


I sent all documents to the MVT  and it was some time before they acted an sent an inspector out.

They sent some of the document back for me to send to get it registered. after emailing them they sent  them back to me so now I can send them to the DVLA

Now a huge set of information including a letter from the MVT stating AGE.

It was rejected again on a NOVA certificate,          but it was in the pack .

Looking at the rejection several time I noticed that the DVLA had again changed the VIN  No again to the oridginal hull No that I submitted originally. I  Reapplied for a new NOVA certificate and again sent all the documents to the BLASTED  DVLA . I am more than a little annoyed by now.


WOW THEY GAVE ME A REGISTRATION but have not sent a form for No plates or my documents back.






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