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Triumph T80 crankshaft

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Hope you chaps can help me with a question relating to the crankshaft flywheels on my T80. After splitting the crank and cleaning there seems to be a lot of side to side movement of the con rod. Not sure what the inside face of the flywheel is supposed to look like but it looks like the outer ring of the main bearing has worn a groove in both sides. I've put a picture with the groove showing. I would like to know if this groove should be there or not. If not anyone know how to best repair them.



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From what I can see in the exploded views in the parts list and manual, the surface should be flat. I think I'd take it to a competent welder and get it TIG welded and surface ground back to the original shape, Even experienced use of a sander and file would do it. Either that, or if the wear depth is even, a thrush washer of the required thickness in two halves could be used and somehow fixed/spot welded in place. I guess the two grooves are for oil exit of the big end and will need to be preserved. A good all round precision engineer will think of a way round it!

Is the other side the same?  Ron

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