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Onan OTC-33B battery charger

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Hi All.

I just managed to pick up this totally complete and 'un-used' Onan Electric Plant OTC-33B multi point battery charger and jump starter.

It still has delivery tags on it and various transit seals still in place.  Complete with its huge transit case with accessory compartment with all the spares, leads, manuals etc..  A real time capsule.

Anyone hazard a guess from the serial number..I have not found any dates on it yet..  Am guessing about 1943 ish.









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Incredible find, with spares included!

I have just finished rebuilding one that was brought to Jersey at the end of WW2. Couldn't find any spares so had to cast white metal bearings and have a coil manufactured to fit it. Now finally running.

Any chance of sending me close up photos of the put put lead connectors that fit into the panel as i am having trouble getting hold of them?

I note that you have the original carb. Looks like mine was mod'ed with new carb (Marvel i think) and another coat of thicker green paint.

If you trawl around the web you can find the manufacturing serial numbers. Mine is of a similar age.


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think the serial number indicates June 1953.  Thats on the basis that the "B" stamped on the first line after "OTC-33" signifies the 1950s ("A" is 1940s) and the first numbers on the serial number are "63"......June 53.  Thats just my interpretation of the coding.

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That site relates to a post I put on that forum.I rallied my unit for several years attracting quite a bit of interest,but I never could find the right Hubbell connectors.I have my unit on a well known auction site at the present time.

By the way - cracking find Rich.


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