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Smith 10 ton rough terrain crane

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Found a third one, its very different in detail to my one, the one in Nelson Green's yard or the other pictures I've seen i.e. in wheels and tracks about the Ruddington sales, so is this one the prototype? It is just like the one in the "sales brochure page" that can be found on the net and also the one pictured climbing the grade in the Janes book, any thoughts gentlemen? It doesn't have a chassis plate either, just a brass plate on the chassis with a number on it. 

I can list loads of differences in the build details, but I haven't got my anorak on right now so I will leave that for a later post! haha






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Yes this is a prototype, used for trials at MEXE Christchurch, and did wading trials at Appledore early 70's.

It was the forerunner to the ones issued to 17 Port Regt RCT and the one (03FX46) that I operated for Port Division Army School of Transport. I ran the first training courses for these when they were issued in 1974. Great fun taking them out on the road for driver training.

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