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Sheddist , Museum of Military Weapons & artifacts

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Call Me cynical, But I wonder how long it will be. Before this gentleman is Burgled? I am of the opinion that anything in Newspapers is really not good in this Hobby. & related equipment subjects. The press normally revile such things & call us inappropriate titles. Just because we wish to enjoy & preserve historical items like vehicles & weapons. The Press rarely portrays anything positive in these Fields. Or am I wrong here?.....Just my thoughts. :( 

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For this reason of theft , I was surprised that he had cooperated with the BEEB, also - I have not kept up to date with the exhaustive legislation on such firearms collections , proofing as unserviceable (that a repairer / restorer would perhaps clash with)  ?

I almost picked up a pencil to do a guestimate on  £5 million divided by a number suggested.

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