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Chieftain research and development model with R/C. Now Sold

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This is an all alloy metal model, approx 1:5 scale weighing around 200kg was built during the early 70's to develope the Mk3/Mk5 Chieftain at Chertsey (MVEE) MOD. 

A custom built one off, accurate model 148cm length x 69cm x width 62cm . Length with gun foward  approx 210cm, Nut and bolt (imperial BA) construction, using unique castings, working Horstmann suspension units, stainless steel sprockets and alloy tracks. This was a quality professional build. (not an apprentice model)

It is believed it was used for some investigation trials, but I think was squirreled away when it's gear box failed. After which it was pushed around in a steel frame, stored and forgotten .

It has since been restored, uprated to 2.4g radio control using Q4D's speed controllers, twin high torque wheel chair motor/gearboxes gives excellent performance, includes turret transverse and a quality benidini sound system.

Brought out of storage a couple of weeks ago fitted with new radio control and two new 12 volt 22 amp batteries. Comes with 24 volt charger making the model ready to run and charge. 

Weighing in at around 200kg she can be carried round in a small van or estate car

This is probably one of the biggest radio controlled all metal model tanks in the world and comes with MOD heritage.


For more pictures and details PM or

Email john.rclarke60@gmail.com










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I was sad to see you sell it as I followed your original posts, but hey ho if it isn't getting used moving it along makes sense, wish I had the money, would have been a great display item. Hope the new owner continues to post about it

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Adding a couple more pictures to show the the hand built quality of this model and the hours that must have been invested while building this one of a kind.




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