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Squaddie first aid kit pouch, any opinions?

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Hi I have a first aid pouch, I assume issued with OG PLCE but the attatchment seems very basic just a single vertical strap, no "C" clip or velcro flap. Just wondering if it was part of standard kit or not. It's OG PLCE material, has a single fastex clousure and folds open to reveal 3 pouches one is open, the other 2 have velcro'd lids

The info printed on it:



SL32A/5077 RR90"

( theres also a tiny circular stamp I assume a QC mark can't make out the words but it has a 38 in the center)

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A standard part of the first PLCE set AFAIK. Later issued in DPM with a subdued Red Cross symbol on it. There was also a larger OG  medical pack that attached to the side of the bergan.




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