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True or not? zip gadget.

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Decades ago, a friend at scouts showed me his dads squaddie kit, I think he'd done a "Clear-up" tour of the Falklands after the conflict, but the kit was amazing it included several memento "Argee" pouches, which to be honest were all really low quality like a poor mans ALICE webbing.

When we were looking through it he showed me a sort of mini coat-hanger shaped piece of wire I guess about 1" by2" (it may have been smaller, this was 25 years ago).

He said his dad told him, it was issued in arctic conditions to help do up zips in cold weather, if you're wearing gloves.

When I was in the TA I saw a lot of grenade rings, and split key rings on zips or paracord loops which served the same purpose.

According to my friend the wire zip do-er-uppers were issued in ration packs, of all places. I've never heard nor seen anything like it since! and I can't find any ex-squaddies that even rememeber such a device.

I've always been suspicious about it, as in extreme cold you really don't want to touch metal at all! and surely if such a hook exsisted you'd want it made of something less easily lost, or perhaps people did loose them that's why they were supposedly in rations?

so, was there such an army issue zip hook?

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