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Jessie The Jeep

Ryan PT-22 Recruit

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In July 2016, I got the chance to fly a Ryan PT-22 Recruit. While Les the pilot took it up, the rest of the flight was mine, including the landing, with Les talking me through it all and "ghosting" me on the controls just in case he needed to take over. It was a fantastic experience and when I found out there had been a PT-22 resin conversion kit for the inline engined 1/72 scale Special Hobby Ryan PT-20, I started looking for one. It took a while to findย as the kit was out of production, but got a second hand one through a model forum.

It's taken a while to finish the model as there were lots of modifications to the kit, some of which the resin conversion didn't cover. However, the model was completed this week and the framing was finished today.






The fullsize aircraft




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On โ€Ž1โ€Ž/โ€Ž27โ€Ž/โ€Ž2019 at 9:18 AM, Tony B said:

Haven't you got enough toys? ๐Ÿ˜€



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