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Jessie The Jeep

My Daughter's Airfix Sherman - Part of the Airfix Battlefront Set

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My daughter and I won one of the Airfix Christmas competitions in 2017 and the prize was the D-Day Battlefront set. Due to other modelling projects, it's taken until now to get it on the bench. In December last year, we were about ready to start and were thinking about the layout. We considered it unrealistic to have a Sherman and Tiger that close together, without one being blown into a thousand pieces! So we decided to leave the Tiger I off the diorama and replace it with a Willys MB, which were being sold cheap at Aldi.

This is the progress so far, much of it her own work, though with lots of guidance.




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Yep, that's a good looking tank. Brings back memories of me building tanks, trauck and airplanes.

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