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Emergency Compressor, U boat ?

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Not sure if this is an emergency compressor for a U boat, I have been assured it is . Quite where the person who told me it is got his information from I know not. I cannot find any information about it , did U boats have emergency compressors? It is German , wartime, and I have been told the colour is right for German navy . Can anyone tell me more , as can be seen the engine clips on to the compressor , for ease of movement I presume. Look forward to any info.

fbc 9 )_resized.jpg

mabag 4_resized.jpg

mabag 1_resized.jpg


fbc 3_resized.jpg

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fbc is the german WW2 Alphabetic Ordnance code for Ilo-Werke H. Christiansen, Pinneberg bei Hamburg, a maker of two stroke engines and electric motors.


Wierdly, the only company I know of named in Esperanto! (ILO comes from the Esperanto word for "tool".)

Best Regards,


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