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AEC Militant MKI Update

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After several weeks work I managed to complete the Radiator and the steering box, all good to go after the engine is cleaned to a high standard. 1249704857_20181127_Radiatorcomplete(1).thumb.jpg.9322bf2ddf318ae1db49c48a6adff7f4.jpg1600577891_20181123_Steeringbox.thumb.jpg.5cba6549cf66f32ef2bf8a703bdceb2f.jpg

I found that after removing the radiator to get to the steering box bolts, that I have opened up hundreds of other jobs now. Everything I can see is covered in 50 years worth of oil and dirt, so I will be busy over the next few months. I did manage to get both front windows out to get in amongst the window frames and the surrounding area, 


With the windows out, I manage to remove both wiper motors for a good cleaning and hopefully rectified the existing airleaks,. followed by a coat of Deep Bronze Green. 1874952613_20181205_Wipermotor(1).thumb.jpg.73a19faa24ba9455c614f99d2576e999.jpg322118375_20181207_Wipermotors.thumb.jpg.e2cb2cbdcfed48a4245a57ad722c5649.jpg

The last 2 months have taught me a lot, it's advisable to read the EMER before commencing any big jobs, this would have saved me a lot of time, but trial and error. Got there in the end, just got a major cleaning operation on now and if possible the removal of a lot of components to service, clean and a touch of Sky Blue. I have removed the Distribution box and the Generator panel a nice job for inside the kitchen on these cold nights. The internal wiring is in good condition, but the external wiring is in a bad way and has in the past caused trouble for starting. Well a day of rest tomorrow and back at it again next week.


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Which EMER are you reading? Is that the Tech Manual that was on fleebay a few weeks back? 

If your front screens need new edge seals, I've just got a near enough equivalent for the Tanker from seals direct (www. etc)  Their part number OWS778

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I have now managed to make some progress on the Mighty Militant, I have clean the engine and given it a lick of paint which has uplifted its image greatly. I managed to change all the radiator hoses and refitted the original jubilee clips, hopefully I have them well positioned in case I need to change a hose with the radiator on. Two new fan belts to go on (1640 C Series) £14.00 each, the old ones can go on the spare parts locker just in case...


The crankcase breather was also removed and given a bath in petrol and though;ly cleaned out awaiting refit. Also a large selection of cab floor and all wheel drive levers have been sandblasted and also awaiting refit on my next trip home. 


  • I did observe a small leak from the steering box which pissed me off a bit, after a quick investigation I realised it was leaking from the filler/level plug which was on finger tight. The reason it was weeping from the plug was I had filled it up in the shed at an estimated angle, once it was refitted to the cab it leveled itself off, so happy days.

I did find that the easiest of jobs take the longest and never go to plan, joys of motoring I guess.

Next mission is the removal of the bumper whilst the radiator is off.

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