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Unknown early chassis

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Nothing to do with me whatsoever. I reckon this is a bit rich to buy just for the chassis, but someone may know what it is/was!  

Just scroll through the pictures then you will see what I mean. May not even be wartime but post war



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£21,000  -  asking , IMHO well OTT

The solid tyres do seem WW1 era. lorry.

Don't forget that a carriage as old as this probably has timber solebars etc. etc. 

The coachwork original timber , well molested - what state is the remainder.

At the age - I doubt it will be a bit late for Rentokill

I would far rather buy  £21,000 of Nissen type sheets  !   What value a lorry frame & possibly a pair of axles & frame  ?


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21 hours ago, Great War truck said:

This one again. It is indeed an Austin twin shaft. 

Has this been around before?

My bad!

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