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At this time of year when vehicles are being laid up for the winter. Has anyone experience of fuel stabillizes? It is claimed they keep fuel fresh for up to two years, with so much ethenol in fuel now it may be a small cost with a big pay off.

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I used this https://www.frost.co.uk/millers-vsp-e-power-plus-250ml.html  last winter during a 4 month lay up with only 50 miles  covered by way of short road runs once a month to turn the oil round with 5 gallons of fuel in the tank.

I used to use for a number of years Castrol Valve Master and this was intended to combat valve issues associated with unleaded fuel this is no longer produced and is not readily available except at eye watering prices from what I suspect are withdrawn stocks.

My comments should not be seen as an endorsement other than to say that during the  period I used the Millers product I saw no evidence of fuel fouling and the truck started when required and functioned without issue I would not pretend this is a definitive test in any shape or form.

Some time ago when I tried to find definitive answers :readbook: to the long term effects of high ethanol fuels I found a lot of smoke and mirrors, conflicting and miss information on subject coming out of the web from all branches of the vintage vehicle scene.  Some  would have you believe that the stuff will turn to jelly in the tank in three weeks while others claim their fuel delivery systems have all but melted over time, still others had no physical ill effects except that apparently the engine just would not start after over winter lay ups.

You will have seen already I suspect that various manufactures will quote a range of protective properties for their individual products  ranging from the barely credible to plausible....... none of the above has really answered your question,  I'm  afraid the best I can suggest is do some web reading but exercise caution with interpreting the results and also bear in mind that manufactures want you to buy their particular brand of liquid gold.





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