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There's no may about it!  Hi all, I'm trying to identify the truck door on the raiders lorry. As I think it might be from a different make of truck pic is on raiders truck, but I'm not sure if I should post it somewhere else, (no rude suggestions lol) for others to see and give an opinion?



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Didn't I put a pic!!

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Hi Nick Johns.. all I'm trying to say is maybe it would have been easier in the day to use a existing door from a older or current vehicle, instead of going through the costly and time consuming process of manufacture. And if so what could the doors be from? As I imagine they were built 1979/1980.... so would be from a older Donner, I think it maybe... And would be lovely to hear from someone involved in the build.. but there's a lot of guys and girls hear I imagine who look at old vehicles all the time and may think with a little bit of alteration that's a door from..... can you remember what productions you drove this truck on?

Thank you for the link : )

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