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Rerubbering engine mounts


Hello everyone,


once again daft question from a wally...  so Our Morris Tilly is approaching time to start bringing major components back together, EG engine and gearboxback in, but the local supplies of NOS morris 10 engine and gearbox mounts seem to have dried up, I've approached a Chap in NSW who does rerubbering of engine mounts, but of cause hasn;t got a lot of call for Morris 10m so hasn't bothered with them yet.  He's happy to have a go but we'll need a minimum run to make it worth his while.

However, surely in The Old country, there would be someone who does this sort of thing? and probably has the Dies etc already, Australian Historic motoring is a drop in the ocean compared to what happens in your part of the world?  I have had little luck with the Morris Register, there doesn't seem to be a lot of active restoration going on.

Do you folk have contacts that re rubber engine/gearbox mounts/suspension Buffers etc? 

Has anyone had any luck casting new mounts using modern polyurethane rubber?  My profession is chemistry, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a suitable PU rubber that can be readily cast and poured, and would do a pretty reasonable job at vibration dampening especially for a modest little moggie engine like the XPJM 1140cc...  I'm sure as long as its not some garish colour,  no one is really going to get their dander up, and if you make a mess of it it'd be pretty easy to remove and have another go.


Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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We have done both engine mounts and the spring rubbers using Devcon "Flexane" 2-pack. There are a number of hardnesses available - go for the 60.

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Is this a Polyurethane rubber ? (bit difficult to see from the data sheets)

I am not familiar with Tilly engine mounts, have you bonded this "rubber" to the metal ?  and is the rubber in shear or compression ?

Polyurethane rubber is good in compression, but not so good in shear, also according to the datasheet is is not very resistant to petrol. Some photos of what you have done would be good



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