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Voltage Regulators Period Correct or (gasp) Modernised?


Hello all,

Tilly No 1 is streaking towards completion, starting to get our electrics together, Morris tens seemed to use a Lucas RF95? but the Tilly uses a CAV model 75 bt-19x. we have one original that is functional, others that look a little sad.

How readily refurbish able is a  NOS stock CAV regulator? Should I simply get a reproduction Lucas type regulator, or should i get a modern regulator and hide it inside the regulator box?  are these beasties a source of mischief I would be best to avoid?






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My feeling is that these were pretty reliable technology untill alternators came along and as long as they are set up right and not corroded inside should be fit and forget items. Certainly setting them up is often seen as a black art but if you follow the instructions to the letter they will work, often for the life of the vehicle.


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