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Cheshire Steve

Dunkirk barge Glenway could this be the end?

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I suppose you may argue that the Glenway sailing barge was never military,  but due to its role in rescuing 190 members of 27th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery from the beach at Dunkirk, I thought I should draw your attention to the fact that she is up for auction with no reserve on 7th October, and given the effort and funds required to save her this could be the end of a distinguished member of the Dunkirk little ships, that has somehow survived for 105 years.

According to the little ships association, she was towed out to Dunkirk by the tug Crested Cock, loaded with food, medical supplies and munitions. She was later spotted by Bruno de Hamel on an anti-submarine patrol. She was loaded with 190 troops unable to get the engine going to get her off the shore. As a yachtsman he took control of her and got sail on and sailed her back to England, taking 16 hours and losing 20 men to their wounds on the way. She was picked up outside Dover and towed in by a tug.

More of her story here : http://www.adls.org.uk/t1/content/glenway

So if the Royal Artillery Association are looking for a worthwhile project .. it might be their turn to rescue Glenway.

Lot 36 : http://www.blackwater-marina.co.uk/auction_list.htm

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Glenway has been withdrawn from the sale. I hope that is a good sign, but don't have any details.


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