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Scammell Pioneer Exhaust Silencer

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Morning all,

I'm looking at making a new stainless silencer for our Pioneer. I cut the old one open and it appears to be of a double wall thickness construction, but the gap between the walls is not the passage for gases.

There are two baffles inside and thats it.

I am wanting to contruct a cylinder and weld indentical baffles inside.

What i'm wondering is the reason for the double wall thickness and do i need to reinstate this? Should there be any form of packing inside?

You can see from the picture the double wall construction.

Can anyone lend any advice?

Thanks, Richard


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There are several reasons for the air gap in the silencer. One is to  stop it possibly glowing in the dark another is to stop anyone burning themselfs by touching it, another is to cut silencer vibration and emited noise. Then you have a skin that will sustain damage and not detract from the silencer operation.

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