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MJ MOT requirements

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On E-Bay is listed a "B"(84-85) Reg MJ shown as MOT exempt.

My MJ "Y" (82-83) plate, full canvass and TCV seats + tail lift was subject to a full HGV test under the old regulations before I barn stored her some years ago.  Before the new regulations came out I under stood that the rear springs needed down grading to come under the 7.5 ton limit.

Advice please folks,    can I run my MJ (PLG) as MOT exempt without down grading the springs? 

Cheers  Mick

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An MJ/MK is Not MOT test exempt anymore, changes came in a couple of months ago,  some vehicle owners are still not aware of the changes untill they try to re tax their truck. This has put a lot of preserved vehicles off the road

Form 112G the MOT Exemption form has  been ammended and most of the categories that previously could  claim test exemption under have been removed, DVSA realised there were too many loopholes being exploited of commercially run trucks claiming test exemption...only pre 1960 commercials over 3.5ton used unladen are exempt from Test. ..post 1960 Breakdown vehicles, mobile cranes now have to be tested

The new VHI, Vehicles of historic interest, 40 year old, pre 1978, vehicle mot test exemption category Only applies to vehicles up to 3.5 ton if the V5C reg document states the revenue weight as over 3.5ton /3500kgs then vehicle now needs testing before it can be re taxed


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24 minutes ago, Nick Johns said:

only pre 1960 commercials are exempt from Test.


Providing they are used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer.

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