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A41 Backpack Radio Rebroadcast Relay wanted

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G'day All,

It's been a long time since I've I've posted here, but health is improving so I'm back:P

I have assembled a complete A41 backpack radio, complete with accessories, and have a Field Test Unit, to go with my Larkspur C42/B47. equipped Austin Champ.

The help I'd really appreciate now is to complete the A41 Rebroadcast Functional units.  I have the main rebroadcast unit (top of 1st photo), but still need the Relay Unit (lower unit in 1st photo & shown in 2nd photo).

Any assistance would be gratefully accepted.

Alan Snashall


REME Manual picture of A41 rebro and remote unit.jpg

A41 UNIT RELAY A41-A42.jpg

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Thanks Mate,

Over severe depression, and 2 heart pacemaker operations in the last 9 months and now, slooowly getting my mojo back.  Aiming for MOJO eventually:P

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