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Hoveller of Broadstairs

Operation Granby Land Rover 90

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I’m trying to find out some/any information about my Land Rover 90 56 KK 22.

I know my vehicle was deployed to Iraq as part of operation Granby, with The 1st Royal Horse Artillery (RHA), Chestnut Troop.  But that’s it.

Any photo’s our information will be greatly appreciated. 

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Well, according to the MERLIN archive, which is a register of British military equipment of that period, 56KK22 wasn't taken into service until 8 May 1992, a while after OP GRANBY (Aug 90 - Feb 91) ended.  It was, though, on the strength of 1 RHA, but from December 1992, until  September 1994.  It then passed to the RLC stores section of 78 Engineer Regiment (V) who retained it until May 1999 when it went to 7 Rifles.also a volunteer unit.  It was struck off strength and sold through Withams in 2012.


10 68

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Hi 10FM68

This tally's up with the information that I have with exception that I had been informed that the vehicle was deployed to Iraq hence the colour and patina.

Military Registration 56 KK 22

Designation:   Truck Utility Light GS Cargo Soft Top 12v       4x4 Land rover 90 (DSL).

Colour:                        Army/NATO Green IRR, painted later in BSC 380  desert sand

Date in service:          8th May 1992.

Disposal Date:            31st January 2012.


Military History


1 The Royal Horse Artillery (RHA), Chestnut Troop

At some point he was repainted desert sand colour but a true pink colour is coming through in some places.


29/09/94 – 25/07/95

RLC 78 (Fortress) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

Formed in April 1993 to provide a new support regiment for 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division.

Regiment was disbanded on 1st July 1999 at result of the Strategic Defence Review.


26/04/99 – 21/05/99

7th Battalion The Rifles (7 RIFLES)

7 RIFLES is The Rifles' Reserve Infantry Battalion of London and the South East.




Johnny A

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