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Paul Snell

RAF Alvis Mk 6 Crash Tender

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My Name is Paul RAF retired served 22 yrs

I was pleased to read Dave Jenner's info on the Mk 6. It brought back memories both happy and frustrating.  I spent about 2 yrs as part of a specialist team of MT Fitters, who carried out major repairs, when a major unit failed (often) at the station where the vehicle was located. In Oct 71 I along with about 8 others, I was posted to 71 MU RAF Bicester to start up The RAF Trials Unit"  After a specialist course at  RAF Weeton we set forth.  Our first job being at Honnington and after about 6 months we were all posted to 16 MU Stafford to form the MT Repair Squadron under a Squadron Leader.  About 20 MT Fitters of various ranks (+abilities It produced a vast empire of wall chart technicians" and A4 in triplicate experts, who never got their hands dirty or wore overalls)   were plucked from the comforts of their stations to lead a nomadic life out of suit cases, which few enjoyed.  I liked the Mk 6 and the work gave me great satisfaction and would be happy to provide a lot of technical info, if anyone is interested.  I will certainly go to RAF Scampton to see "an old friend", as it is only about 20 miles from where I live in Caistor.

Regards  Paul

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Hi Paul,

Steve Shirley's museum has now moved from RAF Scampton and is now located in Gainsborough. See the website: https://firemuseum.uk/

It seems there is bad news, just seen a news item on the website that the collection has to move from the Gainsborough site by September this year. https://firemuseum.uk/press-release-april-2018/

regards, Richard

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the information you have saved me a journey!  Hopefully I can get to Gainsborough before the museum moves.

Regards Paul

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