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Triumph 3HW part 'plate, chaincase oil retainer'

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Ok I have now got my clutch off the 3HW thanks to the kind loan of an undamaged tool and behind it should be part T (54-0)484, 'plate, chaincase oil retainer, 'what I have not got', to misquote 'naming of parts'.

So my next foolish boy question is, 'are these large washers flat or slightly dished'?   Draganfly don't seem to have the 0484 version in stock, only similar flat plates for later post-war machines.

A couple of photos from American stockist hint that the early ones may be slightly dished, and does it matter anyway?


Thanks in advance......Gareth

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From memory it's just a flat disc. T484 , but I think the revised part number is 57 0484.

It slides behind this retaining plate.


3HW 039.jpg

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