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I have been busy so I have only had chance to grab a hour here and there.

I have cut the brake cable guards to size and cleaned and primed some parts. I have continued working on the belly plates, the 2 rear plates are reasonably straight forward with a right angle corner to start marking out from and these are more or less done apart from drilling holes and cutting the slots for the brake cables.

The front plates on the other hand are a nightmare, there are no right angle corners and 3 folds across the middle. The patterns are all damaged to some degree and it has taken a lot of time to work out all the measurements and angles. I folded the first plate up tonight and it is looking to be a good shape and size although some folds will need adjusting and it will need a lot of fitting. I am going to make up a second set of plates up for someone so won't fold up the second front plate until I am happy with the first and have used it as a pattern to cut the second set out.





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21 hours ago, David Herbert said:

You need a CAD system (Cardboard Aided Design) !


I have never done thing's the easy way!

I have done some shaping of the plate tonight and it is looking a good fit.


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