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Graham m

Registration plate

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Right then can anyone give me advice 

Trying to get a age related plate for my 1966 auto munga 8 I’ve joined the owners club witch they sent a Dateing letter but DVLA won’t issue a plate as only got chassis number they need a BFg and a nova form any ideas 

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had to get a nova form for my impala, is the munga registered or is it first time?


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Ok, I assume you only recently aquired it? If so have you got a reciept as to when you bought it? you need to download a cform from hmrc, and give them as much info as you can, that is what I did


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You will (probably)  need the paper version of the Nova form, the online form doesn't allow you to cross things out. 


Here is a write-up of what I needed to do to get my Ner-a-Car (no registration _or_ chassis number) registered: You have a chassis number so ought to be able to skip the V55/5 form (which is an application for a chassis number)

How to register a vehicle with no VIN or chassis number

I tried to do some web research about how to register a vehicle like mine, with no chassis number while making sure to get an age-related plate, tax exemption and MOT exemption. 
Firstly it is very much easier if there is a chassis number. The DVLA do not appear to have an exhaustive list of chassis numbers. This is a hint. 
However, I didn't have a chassis number so the process is this:
1) Get a dating certificate from an owners' club. I got one from the VMCC and it took a little over a month. 
2) Send off the V55/5 form. This is a paper form that you have to apply for on the DVLA web-site and takes 10 days to arrive. You can save time by sending for this in advance. 
3) Return the V55/5.  You will need lots of supporting info, including an insurance certificate. You might need to shop around. Footman-James were adamant that a bike could not be insured without a frame number or reg number, Adrian Flux were happy to insure on the engine number. If you don't have a chassis number the form will come back to you with a new VIN to have stamped on the Chassis by a garage, a demand for the £55 new-registration fee (new VIN = new registration) and a demand for a NOVA declaration reference. 
4) Send off for the NOVA paper form. This is an HMRC form for imports. You can do it all online, except if your vehicle isn't actually an import. In which case nothing fits and you need the paper form and a covering letter. This also takes 10 days to arrive, so send off for it in advance. You can read the HMRC guidelines and end up convinced you don't need a NOVA for this situation, and you would be right, but you do need a reference number and letter to prove it. 
5) Get the chassis stamped then send off the NOVA letter, V55/5, dating certificate, photos, £55 cheque, letter confirming chassis has been stamped, proof of address, driving license photocopy and insurance certificate then wait 3 more weeks. 
6) Shiny new V62 arrives with a registration number to use.

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