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Land rover Lightweight parts and MOD lights

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More of my shed clear out. Lightweight lower tail gate hinges and  and number-plate bracket with locking clasp. Number plate not included unless you have the cast vehicle its from. 24 Volt lodge spark plugs for Land Rover I bought these when I bought my old 24 V lightweight from MVS . Never used and all but 2 still sealed. 24V Distributor take off, Bought as spares for mine never needed to use. Offside series 3 Lightweight front wing with arial flap. 12V starter motor. Steering bar rock slider NOS defender, bought for my TD5 110 but did not fit possibly earlier defender. Land rover under seat fuel tank again bought as a spare from some of the scrapped landy's at MVS never used. lightweight door hinges. and hing mounted mirror arm. Collection of lights and lenses. glass and plastic screw on lenses. there is a full set of front and rear indicator plastic screw on lenses with one still with the full light assembly. the convoy light is NOS and comes with spare lenses same as used on the centurion side lights . Vehicle first aid kit and tin. the lights lenses and first aid kit are part of the package that goes with my Sabre but as there are not listed as such first come first served and was going to through them in as a surprise for the buyer. But as all I am getting is track kickers at the moment including one numpty who seemed to think nothing of trying to pull bits off and once agreed a price went back on his word  and then offered less and got nasty as I would not sell for less than agreed.  Have decided that the extras will go to who ever needs them . I Have a NOS lightweight front axle complete with swivels half shaft and bakes with diff still crated £600. otherwise open to offers on most of the other parts. Buyer to collect.






























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Lenses £10 each postage £5 Regardless of number of lenses. Convoy lamp now sold.  Lightweight wing and lights £50. 24v distributor £15. Lightweight spark plugs £5 each total of 8 new ones. 

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I'll have to have a look at them again  . I can't seem to put my hand on them at the moment. I check at the weekend. How many do you need? If your coming yo pick them up or if I have to post would just be a token price. I'm more bothered that they get used. I've also got a front bumper if anyone needs one.  

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Hi, I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if there was any chance you had any items left ?

Many thanks Steve

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On 6/8/2018 at 9:30 PM, agripper said:

Lightweight tail gate now sold

hi this is a shot in the dark i need a fuel tank from the lightweight like the one in the pictures 


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