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Stal 664

BMK-150M Russian Bridging Tug

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Does anyone have any information relating to the technical spec and operation of this interesting craft.

How does the folding Launch / Road  wheels operate.

Appears to have a windlass system with locking pins, but cannot quite understand the procedure when it has been reversed into the water and need to retract the wheels.



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Any chance of photos of the mechanism in the hull and the windlass arrangement?

I presume that's the towing yolk lying on the ground at the front?

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A quick search turned up this jpeg

I think this shows the wheel rigged to be retracted with the wire running up to the small snatch block and then to the windlass forward.

When being towed there is a locking pin securing the strut/supension unit to the hull.

When ready to launch i.e. stern first, the wire is rigged as per the photo and the securing pin is pulled from each strut.

You then go ahead and reverse the boat into the water and once afloat the weight of the hull comes off the strut/wheel and you are able to raise it up into the well in the hull by hauling in on the windlass on each side

How is the towing yoke attached? It doesnt look as though it folds up onto the bow of the boat or does it?

Is there a mechanism in the hull for locking the struts in the retracted position?

Recovery would be the reverse process. The wire would be paid out and the wheel  struts would be allowed to fall down from the wells in the hull under their own weight. I think you would have to take the wire off the snatch block and then position it as shown in your photo i.e. straight off the windlass. You then come up on the windlass until the wire tensions up - the struts should be back in the vertical so long as you have enough water under the hull to let the wheels get to that position (The awkward bit would be getting the wire round the strut from the launch to recover position so you get a straight pull as the wire is the only thing holding the wheel strut in position for recovery - as far as I can make out)

You then install the towing yoke and pull the boat from the water and then put the securing pins in each strut to secure for towing once you can access the struts.

I'm working on the basis that this is Russian and pretty agricultural/squaddy proof

Looks an interesting project...




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Hi went to look at this today it is a bmk-150 not the bmk-150m which is the twin engine diesal version which also weighs more 3.8 ton 

the bmk-150 as in picture has 2 flat head six cylinder petrol engines in it.

weight of the bmk-150 is 2.5 ton with no brakes on the retractable road wheels need some thing large to stop it in military use.



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