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Diana and Jackie

For Sale Gas firing gun circuit/coil/valves/spark plug

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Owing to having no time and too many things on the go, for sale is a Gas gun firing control circuit. with the two valves, spark plug, and coil.

I'm also throwing in a spare coil. All this complete with instructions. £55 postage paid. This is unused and untried but the instructions are complete. The circuit is set up for a Browning heavy machine gun, but can easily be adjusted for other gun types.

You will need to construct the barrel, swirl chamber, fit jets, provide the gas and tubing - all info is with the instructions.

PM me if interested.

Please note I will not send the instructions without the parts i.e The complete package needs to be bought.



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Bugger, just seen this too late. 

Im looking for the same if anyone can help. 


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