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3 Military Bicycles

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Thanks for the information.

The Swiss bike is very nice and looks original.

However, the two 'Columbia' bikes are copies, which may not even be using Columbia frames. Compare the rear frame shape to the one below.

Here is mine, from towards the end of production in 1943. The only two noticable variations during production are that early ones have a curved front downtube, and a different pattern on the chainwheel.

Best Regards,





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Quite right. (-:

Al Berger of Bergerwerke is a great person to work with for bicycle restoration, both of the G519 Columbia or Huffman.

On the European side of the Atlantic is Johan, who is not a dealer, but has a fine site on the subject.


Meantime, I probably know more about the dating, serial numbers and purchase contracts for G519's than anyone, and am happy to answer questions on it.

Best Regards,


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Lot 529 A Columbia Military Bicycle - Sold For £600

Lot 530 A Columbia Military Bicycle - Not Sold

Lot 531 A Condor MO-05 Swiss Army Bicycle -Not Sold

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